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L M Butters Lavender| Extra Whipped | Body Butter (2oz) is natural and non-greasy moisturizer. Our Lavender Body Butter is whipped with Shea butter and coco butter for easy application the body, hands or feet. Enjoy a relaxing yet rejuvenating light scent of all natural lavender.

Great for all skin types, especially dry skin. Stay moisturized on the go with this body butter on a trip or while at home.  

This L M Butters Lavender Body Butter is Travel Size ( 2oz )

See why we say 'It's Good Skincare' (TM) below.

* Fade dark spots
* Smooth skin
* Soften skin
* Great for dry skin
* Seals moisture in skin
* Lasting moisture
* Sulfate-free
* Paraben-free
* Phthalate-free
* Silicone-free
* 100% Natural
* Vegan

Directions: Apply a small amount of L M Butters Extra Whipped Lavender Body Butter on the palm of hand and massage into skin. For best results, use after taking a shower, bath or exfoliating skin. Enjoy! Self-care starts today, you deserve it!

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