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Looking for a short to the point guide to help improve your skincare? Or maybe you are just looking to learn how to take care of your skin. We know there is a ton of information on the internet about skincare. We just want to share with you simple tips and good habits, in our opinion, to learn how to take care of your good skincare products. So let's start with the basics.

Cleaning your Face

Part 1 - Washing Face and Neck

1. Clean your hands.

2. Use luke warm water (water that is not too hot or cold).

3. Use a good skincare cleansers like L M Butters Chamomile Tea Facial Cleanser. (Follow the directions on facial cleanser)

4. Use the 1 Minute Rule to massage facial cleaner on face, jawline, neck and temples with tips of fingers gently in circular motions.

5. Rinse facial cleanser completely off face and neck with luke warm water.

6. Gently pat face and neck dry with clean towel or microfiber cloth.

Key tips: Always follow the 1 Minute Rule when it comes to washing your face. Washing your face for at least 1 minute ensures that you are allowing the facial cleanser to dissolve all the dirt, oils, and environmental toxins off your face.

Think basic chemistry, like dissolves like.The oils in our Chamomile Tea Facial Cleanser dissolves dirt, oils and environmental toxins on your face. In addition, the chamomile tea ingredient reduces inflammation and provides antiseptic properties to reduce acne break-outs.


Are you more of a visual learner? No problem, see how you can use L M Butters Skincare products in your skincare routine.

Watch the quick video tutorial below.


Part 2 - Toner Comes After Cleaning Face

1. Use a toner as directed on skincare product.

2. Apply toner evenly all over your face, jawline and temples.

Tips: Use non-alcoholic toners to prevent drying out the skin on your face. Also, If the toner you use is stored in a spray bottle, then gently massage toner in circular motions on skin to help your skin adsorb all the goodness of the toner.


Part 3 - Serums are after the toner but before the Moisturizer

1. Use a serums as directed on skincare product.

2. Apply serums evenly all over face, jawline, neck and temples gently using your pads or finger tips in circular motions.

 Key Tips: Use a serum with vitamin C and E to reduce dark spots on face. Optional, use a chilled facial roller to help absorb skincare product into skin.


Part 4 - Moisturizer is Almost Last but Definitely Not The Least

1. Take a small amount of Moisturizer and apply evenly using your finger tips or pads of fingers all over the face and neck.

Key Tips: Use L M Butters Face Butter to lock in all the moisturizer to last through out the day. We recommend applying during the day at least a sunscreen with 30SPF or higher to prevent harmful UV-rays from damaging your skin or worst causing skin cancer.


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