For many guys, the concept of skincare has scarcely entered their vocabulary, let alone their restroom cupboards. Besides common is the grooming routine encompassed exclusively of shower gel and body spray gift sets, as last-minute Christmas gifts from distant relatives. Here at L M Butters, we are committed to opposing this tactic to personal appearance wherever we discover it. If cleansing and moisturizing sound more like baffling secret arts than something you should be doing every day, then this article is here to persuade you otherwise.

Everybody positions to expansion from proper skincare, and securing the benefits is astoundingly simple. This guide will guide you through a natural skincare for men that is extremely candid and tremendously effective—comprising natural bath products and natural body butter.

4 Step Daily Men’s Skincare Routine

  • Exfoliate (2, 3x per week, 30 seconds)
  • Cleanse (Daily, 30 seconds)
  • Apply Serum (Daily, 10 seconds)
  • Moisturize (Daily, 10 seconds)

Step 1. Exfoliate

The primary step, exfoliation, tends to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the skin. The deep clean exfoliation can be done with natural bath products. It penetrates the pores and unblocks deep-lying layers of impurities, discontinuing the blockages that contribute to problems like cystic spots and blackheads. For this reason, it is categorically crucial to maintain skin health and preventing breakouts.

You can also use certain mild fruit scrubs. It is ideal to repeat the process at least 2 to 3 a week, depending on your skin type.  

Step 2. Cleanse

Cleansing is the most significant daily upkeep step in your skincare routine. During the day, your skin is exposed to dirt, microorganisms, and ecological scums and creates sebum that compiles on the surface. Cleansing eliminates this, aiding to avoid breakouts and congested pores.

Apply cleanser to moist skin first thing in the morning or after the exfoliation step, massage in, and splash water on your face. The entire process would cost no more than 30 seconds.

Step 3. Apply Serum

Naturally, insubstantial and inconspicuous, serums are a small accumulation to a skincare routine that goes enormously long. Intended to deliver full benefits even in low dosages, applying between cleansing and moisturizing frequently will produce obvious anti-ageing and anti-blemish results.

  • Apply 1 to 3 drops of light coverage to your entire face.

Step 4. Moisturize

Moisturizing reestablishes hydration to the skin, reducing it and substituting nutrients and moisture lost during the process of cleansing and exfoliating. Moreover, moisturizer forms a protective fence over the skin, which supports to prevent dirt from blocking the pores, and guards against the bacteria accountable for outbreaks.

How much moisturizer should you use depends on the season and your skin type?

Regardless of your skin type and tone, it would help if you opted for natural body butter. If your skin is naturally oily, you should use a small amount to work into the skin consistently. Using too much may worsen oiliness and promote breakouts. If your skin is dry naturally, you should use a sufficient amount of natural body butter to ensure your skin feels thoroughly hydrous in texture.

Many think that SPF (sun protecting factor) is something to take on holiday, but you need to concern yourself due to global warming? Factually, you are compromising to suffer some level of skin damage any time you are exposed to sunlight. This kind of sun impairment is one of the chief causes of skin ageing and being a heightening factor in skin cancer in the longer tenure. For this reason, use SPF or moisturizer with the goodness of SPF before leaving the house to ensure extreme safety.

Blemish Control

Everyone gets blindsided by the infrequent blemish. You can do nothing to assure you will not be affected, but you can prepare beforehand. Use a blemish control factor for a rapid fix when you come across one.

Beard Care

If you have a beard, note:  beard care also counts in skincare. Keeping your facial hair clean and hydrous with beard shampoo, beard gels and toners, and beard tonics will benefit from keeping your facial hairs and skin in a better state.


Skincare is a basic right for all of us. But we live in a society where men's self-care is not acceptable.  Some people are regarded as beauty conscious if they are into caring for themselves. Though, this perception has drastically changed over time and is still under development. Considering the modern phenomena, "skincare for all" is excitingly revamped by the "L. M Butters" based in the US.

The company serves the cosmetic industry with vast experience and has teamed up with highly proficient experts and beauty bloggers to strive for the best outcomes continually. Their high-quality and natural products are high in demand. L M Butters are putting lots of efforts into their market research to know and cater the genuine skincare problems regardless of the skin tone and criticality of the cases. The cosmetic company is known for the all-natural and 100% safe beauty products manufactured with all organic ingredients.

Over time, L M Butters has taken over the market as a leading brand. They have proven to be a blessing for many with rigorous skincare issues like dry skin, acne-prone skin etc. They have changed the dynamics of beauty standards by giving confidence to people to feel comfortable in their skin and not devaluing yourself for not having even tones, fairly complexion, or crystal-clear skin.    L M Butters has produced organic skincare products for everyone regardless of their skin tone and gender.

So, now you have to feel optimistic about who you are and love yourself the way you are, for you are a unique creation in yourself. Who does not want to look nice? And, of course, beauty comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes.
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