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L M Butters | Sun | Pineapples | Skin

Skin is the largest organ when it comes to the human body. It is our first line of defense for harsh weather, pollution, bacteria, and viruses. Skin cells are constantly regenerating and healing. Meaning it is never to late to give your skin the fighting chance to maintain a healthy moisture balance. Maintaining flawless moisturized skin is definitely a balancing act. There are a few small things that you can do now that will improve the appearance of your skin just think L M Butters | Sun | Pineapples |Skin. See these steps below.


UV (Ultra Violet) rays can be described as electromagnetic radiation. UV rays is one of the three electromagnetic radiation emitted from the sun. The remaining two are heat and light. Keep in mind some artificial lighting also produces UV rays. Long exposure of UV rays can cause premature damage to the skin. In the simplest term it will age your skin leading to dryness, wrinkles, and age spots. If you notice your skin turning red, feeling hot to the touch, or discoloration in the sun it may be a sign of skin damage. The best way to combat these harsh effects is to use sunscreen and be mindful of sun exposure time. Wearing a hat and proper coverage in the sun is a great place to start to give your skin a fighting chance. A cute hat and coverup at the beach may be a skin lifesaver.

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L M Butters | Sun | Pineapples |Skin


On a hot day have you ever thought to yourself some pineapple juice would be refreshing. If not its time to start. Pineapple has amazing minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. The true star player of them all is Bromelain when it comes to skin and pineapples. Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple that breaks down protein. Lots of skincare products use Bromelain to enhance anti-aging properties. As an added benefit, pineapple juice is not only hydrating but has been known to clear up many skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Next time you are in the sun and looking for a hydrating beverage don’t forget to ask for pineapple.

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L M Butters | Sun | Pineapples |Skin


Moisture is one of the best things for skin. It helps with elasticity and delivering good nutrients to the skin. Have you ever tried to read the back of your skincare products? Typically you would need to do an internet search to explain all the chemicals on skincare labels. Research is important to find out what ingredients are in your skincare products. Since, those very ingredients absorb into your skin. A good rule of thumb to follow, if unsure about ingredients, is do your research before applying anything to your skin. Or you can just use L M Butters natural skincare products.


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