Ready To Move into your Skin Glow?


Dance Like It's Fun!

A good way to take away the work blues while helping your skin glow is to get up and dance. Yes, dancing is a fun way to take a break from staring at the computer for hours. There are so many free online videos as well as paid that have quick and easy dance routines to shake off the stress and regain your focus for the day.

So, take a break, find a fun dance online video and get moving. Don’t worry about being on beat or off the beat. Just focus on getting up off the sofa and having fun. You can even invite your friends or family to join you to learn a fun dance using social media or video meeting apps. While you are dancing remember, hydrate with water before, during and afterwards.

black women dancing

                                                                                       Photo by Murilo Bahia


Remove the Clutter in your Space

Another great way to find movement in your day without exercising is to organize or just clean up. We have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like to feel of a clean space. Especially when everything you own has a place to go.

While the pandemic is ongoing, now is a good time to look around at everything you own and start cleaning up. Yes, cleaning up may not be your thing but taking time to take care of your things helps provide mental clarity (focused without stress). May we suggest to first make a list of things that need tiding up around your living space.

Per example, on the list you could write down shoes, clothes, accessories (hats, belts, book bags, handbag, scarf etc.) Then, take just your shoes and block off a week to organize your shoes. Whether it’s a quick DIY project or ordering shoe organizers online. Get moving and check it off your list to move on to the next item(s).

                                                                                                Photo by Sarah Brown 


What does movement have to do with helping your skin?

Good question. Movement, essentially any movement, gets the blood pumping in your veins. This helps oxygen and the essential nutrients your skin needs to create new skin cells. We are sure you have heard of an endorphins (chemicals your body makes to block pain) when it comes to movement. If not, then movement can help reduce stress by releasing endorphins that can limit hormonal breakouts and make you feel better too! Can we say clearer skin! Yes! Take the time today to try one to the two ways to add more movement in your day. Oh yeah and help your skin glow too!

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Ready to read more articles? Click Here. How are you finding ways to get moving while at home to help take care of your skin? Leave a comment below and share with a friend too! We are in this together, so let's also stay motivated and encouraged to care for our skin together.

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